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Our team is dedicated to delivering the best exchange rates to our customers. Guaranteed.

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We work around the clock to provide unbeatable rates and fast delivery, ensuring you can exchange your funds easily and securely.

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We guarantee to offer you a better exchange rate than your financial institution. If you find a better rate from a competitor, we will verify the exchange rate quote and guarantee to beat their rate.

Our typical transaction size ranges starts from $100.

Client funds are held in a segregated client account at a major Canadian financial institution, separate from our operating accounts, ensuring complete security. Upon executing your currency transaction, a trade confirmation contract on our letterhead will be sent to you, detailing all agreed-upon terms for your records. Each transaction receives a confirmation number and can be electronically traced with Canadian banks. Funds are transferred quickly, typically on the same day or the next business day, to your specified destination. Transfers are securely executed via wire transfer or direct deposit.

All companies that transmit money in Canada must be registered and regulated by FINTRAC. 

We have converted billions of dollars for thousands of Canadian clients and have received numerous testimonials in reputable business media, including the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail.

Our client account and relationship with our Canadian financial institution are in good standing, and they are willing to verify this with a bank letter or phone reference upon request.

We are conveniently integrated with all Canadian banks, and you can test our service with a small amount to see how it works.

Exchange rates vary based on the amount you exchange. If you call or email us with the amount you wish to exchange, we can provide you with a rate inclusive of our fees based on the specified dollar amount.

Our substantial transactional volume enables us to leverage purchasing power—we buy in bulk and extend the benefit of great exchange rates to you, coupled with free wire transfers. Unlike banks, we operate with streamlined infrastructures and transparent pricing, avoiding hidden fees typically associated with complex banking structures.

Banks are mandated to collaborate with us due to anti-competitive regulations.

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