Why Choose Us

Our mission?
Helping you save money on currency exchange

Over the past 11 years, we’ve helped over 130,000 businesses and individuals exchange more than $20 billion, saving them thousands of dollars in currency exchange fees.

Exchanging currency shouldn’t be expensive. Feel the difference in your wallet!

We've made it our mission to ensure you experience smooth transactions while saving money when exchanging currency.

We achieve this by offering exchange rates that undercut those of the banks.

Many Canadians are unaware that they could exchange their currency in a better and smarter way, avoiding the fees imposed by banks, which can include margins of up to 2.5%.

To ensure our exchange rates are better, we call the banks every morning.

Are you an individual looking to:

Buy a property in the US

For many international property buyers, the foreign exchange rate is often an afterthought.

Move to another country

Emigrating to another country is a significant decision with numerous complex requirements.

Send money to your family

Recurring transfers can quickly accumulate into significant recurring expenses due to bank fees.

Send money to your family

Recurring transfers can quickly accumulate into significant recurring expenses due to bank fees.

Or maybe a corporation in need of:

commercial FX

We work with companies of all sizes, selling various goods and services across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Making regular international payments

When making regular international money transfers, you are significantly affected by foreign exchange volatility.

Paying for
their import expenses

As a Canadian importer, managing foreign exchange is an integral part of your daily business operations.

Paying for
their export expenses

As a business owner, you understand that protecting your margins is crucial and must be a priority at all times.

Welcome to UFX Currency Exchange

Saving money is a top concern for all our clients, both individual and corporate. We understand the importance of not spending your hard-earned money on bank fees. That’s why we guarantee you’ll always have the best currency exchange rates.

As a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment solutions, we are driven every day by a mission to enhance the value we offer to you.

We've assisted over 130,000 individuals and businesses in exchanging more than $20 billion in a smarter manner.

How is it that we can offer lower exchange rates than Canadian banks?

Because of our substantial transaction volume, we've secured special foreign exchange pricing through negotiations. The outcome? Lower margins for us, and we pass a portion of these savings to our clients. This means more money goes directly into your pocket.

You not only get more for your dollars, but your funds are also secure

Client funds are securely held in a segregated account, separate from company operating accounts. While our primary payment and foreign exchange liquidity relationship is with a major Canadian chartered bank, you can work with us from any Canadian bank.

Each transaction is assigned a confirmation number and can be electronically traced with Canadian banks.

Rest assured, your funds are protected—we have set aside $1,000,000 for consumer protection.

Your money, your choice. Transfer to and from any account of your choice.

We can receive funds from clients via wire transfer from any bank. Additionally, we are registered for online bill payment with select financial institutions, enabling you to transfer funds to us free of charge.

And most importantly, we are here for you

When our clients are asked what they appreciate most about their collaboration with UFX Currency, besides the great exchange rates, they always mention our support team.

We understand that money is a sensitive matter, and we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Our dedicated support team is prepared to address all your questions or concerns.

Over 130,000 individuals and businesses have traded more than $20 billion with us.

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